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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jane Eyre- Charlotte Brontë

Wow! This is quite possibly one of my favourite books. It is beautiful, a true classic, and I would recommend it to anyone. Apart from someone you didn't like, or they would enjoy it. ;-)
It tells the story of Janet Eyre, her hardship and suffering as a child, her falling in love for Mr Rochester and a shocking secret that will shatter any hope of them being able to marry. But will it?
I cried at all the wrong times (as always) and found that it was gorgeous. I felt so happy at the end, and could empathise with her when she was at school.
Poor Janet! A must read before you die! Charlotte Brontë is marvellous!
Sorry, that's a bit depressing, but seriously, a gorgeous book, again in the first person.
5/5 definitely...
Lots of love (and happy reading!)
Nerdy Birdy xxxxx 8-)


  1. Sorry but I just don't agree. Classics? Overrated. Seriously overrated!