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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Out of time- Gill Jepson

Hi! Some of you will have read the post about Gill Jepson, and here's a post about one of her books...
Well, I got this in the library, and although it looks like a kiddie book, when you read the blurb you see that it is really good, the same for when you read the story.
Here's the blurb from the amazon page...
Rebecca's life takes a dramatic turn one summer. When she loses her beloved Granddad, she takes solace in visiting the places they used to go. Exploring one of her favourite places, Furness Abbey, with her friends one day leads to adventures beyond their wildest dreams. The youngsters find themselves in the midst of a mystery, as old as the abbey itself, and rather unexpectedly, make friends with the ghost of the Cistercian monk and an errand boy from the 1930s, who reveal to them the secret of the abbey treasures. The friends must race against time to find the lost abbey treasure before an evil adversary, the mysterious Mr. Steele, can seize it. Time is ticking as the friends decipher the clues that lead to the treasure, they must pit themselves against the evil Mr Steele to win the treasure back. The finale of the adventure reveals a surprise which Rebecca could never have anticipated that allows her to come to terms with the passing of her Granddad. Out of Time is a fascinating blend of past and present, magic and time travel, all woven together with a real life experience and the emotions that go with it. It vividly describes lives in other times and will appeal to readers aged 9 upwards

It really is good, and you should check it out! I love the original take on the good and evil (and religion) thing, but with a new twist. BRILLIANT!

Her new book in the series is out on November the first, so googleth and findeth!

Happy reading,
Bye bookworm buddies,
Nerdy Birdy xxx