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Saturday, 6 October 2012

What to do with an unwanted book?

Hi. Nerdy Birdy here. Did you know that your old, unwanted children's books could benefit dozens of children in a library?
No, don't head down the road. Unless the library down the road want them. And you have no three-year-overdue books borrowed from them.
Head to the Books for Zambia website.
To be honest with you, the clue's in the title. With your unwanted books, you could help a generation of children read, to introduce them to the wonders of the written word.
As long as they're not too dog eared, and aimed at children, in English, send them to Zambia.
Because that's what all we bookworms should do, really.
Share the knowledge.
(ahem, resisting the urge to say "spread the love"!)
Consider it, huh?
Bye bookworm buddies,
Lots of love,
Happy reading,
Nerdy Birdy (Book Worm)

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