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Monday, 8 October 2012

A Message from Zambia

Hi guys! After having put on the post about Books for Zambia, in my Charity of the Month post, I wrote to them asking if they would like to put on a post. A few dasy later, they replied, and here is the lovely message. Again, I will ask that if anyone has any spare children's books, please do send them to Zambia, to be lived and loved again. Here's the message, from a lovely lady called Theresa Lungu, the founder of Books for Zambia...

Thank you for visiting Books For Zambia website and building a bridge
of love all the way to Luanshya, Zambia in support of underprivileged
children! Hope you can visit Zambia one day...

I grew up in Luanshya and the first book I read from the library was The Three Billy Goats Gruff, I have been hooked on books since. I started supporting the library once I migrated to America and learned that the library had fallen on hard times. The onus is on we Africans to make our continent a better place for all its citizens.

"Africa, our mother Africa, must be free, and it has fallen to our lot to free this part. Be of good cheer, we are just beginning." - Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda, First President of Zambia

Wow! Thanks Theresa, and a message to all my readers (the lucky few!)
please donate!
Lots of LOVE,
Happy Reading,
Nerdy Birdy xx

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