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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Some tips from a real writer...

Hi guys. Nerdy Birdy her. I just wanted to share with you something.
A couple of days ago, I wrote to a poet, Ann the poet, to be precise, asking her to do a blog post. She replied, and here's the post that she sent me...

Thanks for asking me to write a blog.
I've decided to write 10 things I'd say to my young writer self, seemed like a good idea.  Here it is...

1. Keep your writing, put it in a blog or on your laptop or in a drawer but don't leave it on the floor under your bed for a few months then chuck it away, you'll regret it.
2.  Read as much as possible and write lists of your favourite writers, figure out why you like them so much. This will change so keep updating it.
3. Don't worry about having nothing to say, you have your unique perspective.
4. Don't be too humble, just because other people are more confident it doesn't mean they have better ideas.
5. Keep being a good listener. Listen to how different people speak and what they mean, you can use this in your writing. 
6. Keep having fun with your writing and keep trying new things.
7. Start stories in the middle at the most interesting point.
8. Get your work out there and listen to feedback but don't let any feedback put you off, only listen to the positive and constructive.
9. Grab all opportunities, go on workshops, go to open mics and enter competitions, it's all good experience.
10. Find some time to focus on your writing, the best way to improve your writing is to keep doing it.

Ah thanks Nerdybird, I enjoyed writing that. Here's a couple of Olympic inspired haikus:

Is that Claire Balding
No it's just a short haircut
Explained her prize horse

Hey it's Tom Daley
But wasn't here yesterday
Or the day before

Keep blogging lovely.

That's pretty good, right! Thanks Ann...
Happy Reading...
Book Worm (Nerdy Birdy)
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  1. Great post, I agree with a lot of these points! Especially 2 & 8 =)

    I followed too via GFC